Main Street America, Houston, Texas

Stitched Panorama

  So the other day Josh and I decided to go check out Main Street America. Basically it is a bunch of showcase homes laid out like a street in a neighborhood but in disguise as a store. Supposedly you can purchase anything from the furniture to the mortgage for a new home. When we […]

Selling Your Home Checklist


1.  Organize your Paperwork – any repairs or replaced appliances (ex: roof replaced in 2010) need to be noted so that your real estate agent can mention them in MLS when your home is listed. Buyers like to know they are getting something that will not break the second they move in. 2.  Get your […]

Finding a Real Estate Agent in Cypress, Texas

Sometimes it might be difficult to find a new home in Cypress, Texas. This area is one of the fastest growing in the Houston Metro Area, so really, its not about finding any home, its more about finding the right home for the right price. I’m starting this blog to give a little insight into […]